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Export of goods to far and near abroad countries.

Exporting goods from A to Z.

  • Air delivery
    Air delivery

Air delivery


The pace of life in today's world is accelerating every year. In business, speed is of the utmost importance - the profitability of a business depends directly on it. Delivery of various cargoes is no exception. In this case air cargo transportation, detailed information about which is provided by the official website "Mak Cargo", offering to choose the cheapest and most profitable options of delivery, has a clear advantage.

Our experts can help you calculate the cost of air delivery, and air freight is not as expensive as it may seem at first glance. Air delivery to remote locations is more expensive, because it depends on the points of origin and destination, as well as the distance between them. It also takes into account the weight and volume of the shipment, and the danger to other goods and the vehicle.

Only private airfreight allows cargo to be delivered in the shortest possible time.


During air transportation, there are several cost items to consider when calculating its cost:

  • Warehousing services, which include sorting, packing and storage of products, with our warehouses meeting all modern requirements;
  • delivery of cargo to the airport (if necessary);
  • airport charges;
  • the fuel surcharge levied on transport companies.

Air freight is very popular all over the world, so don't think you have to wait a few days to send your goods - planes fly quite frequently. And for the most popular destinations, flights are organized several times a day. It is important to note that air freight is a safe mode of transportation because each airport has a large area with qualified personnel and an elaborate security system, and airport services are personally responsible for the safety of goods from the moment they are delivered to the warehouse, so the risk of theft by criminals is eliminated.

A vast geographical network of carriers with a system of airports all over the world will allow your business to reach a new level by expanding the number of customers and business partners. The ETC company will perform fast transportation of various cargoes to any part of the world, and at a very favorable cost.

Calculate the price for your shipment and see for yourself that our prices are the best!