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  • Armenia

    We export goods to Armenia

Export of goods to Armenia

ETK exports goods to Armenia from any city in the Russian Federation.

Exporting goods to Armenia has a number of peculiarities, and such a transaction requires experience in handling foreign trade deliveries. Asking for the assistance of a customs representative will significantly reduce your financial and time costs. The main feature is to obtain a certificate of origin under Form CT-1.

The CT-1 certificate confirms the country of origin of the goods, which exempts some or all of the goods from payment of duties and taxes. This certificate can be issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry who have obtained the appropriate licence. It takes from 3 to 5 days to be issued.

Another feature is the confirmation of the zero rate of VAT (0%). The difficulty in fulfilling this condition is to submit a large number of documents and to undergo a desk tax audit.

Exporting goods from Russia to Armenia is not only easier but also more profitable!

Information for Russian suppliers

Are you a Russian company and intend to export goods to Armenia? But you have never worked in the field of FEA, or do not have relevant experience in conducting such transactions? ETK is ready to act as a customs representative and organize your export shipment. The "contract holder" service is a complete transfer of the transaction to us when we, on your behalf and in our own name, carry out the full customs clearance and delivery of the goods.

Схема работы: Scheme of operation:

  1. You invoice us for the goods, including VAT
  2. We add the cost of our services to this invoice and issue it to the armenian buyer
  3. We agree a price and conclude a Russian contract with you and a contract with an Armenian contractor
  4. Once the Armenian side has transferred the money for the goods to us, we transfer it to you
  5. We load the goods from your warehouse, stall and deliver the goods to Armenia
  6. We exchange original documents

Information for Armenian buyers

Are you an Armenian company looking to buy goods from Russia? However, many companies refuse to deliver due to difficulties with customs clearance and VAT refunds? If you contact our company, we will settle all issues with the Russian company. The company "ETK" will buy back the goods from your supplier, form CT-1 certificate, we also do all necessary customs clearance and deliver your cargo under CPT, CIP, DAP, FCA, DAP, DAT.