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  • Ukraine

    We export goods to Ukraine

Export of goods to Ukraine

ETK exports goods to Ukraine from any city in the Russian Federation.

There are a number of peculiarities in export transactions with Ukraine at the moment, primarily related to the political situation in the world.

The first feature is the confirmation of the 0% VAT rate. The application of the 0% VAT rate is mandatory when exporting goods. After the foreign trade transaction, within 3 months the tax inspectorate conducts a desk audit and you will also need to complete and submit a tax return together with a certain set of documents.

Due to the political situation, exporting to Ukraine will also require an expert opinion that the goods are not dual-use goods. It is possible to carry out the expertise and receive the conclusion of independent expertise only by applying to the organization authorized to carry out such activities, namely the permission of the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC). The time limit for issuing the report is a maximum of 1 month.

Documents to obtain an independent expert opinion:

  • Application;
  • The supply contract with the party;
  • Statutory, constituent documents of the exporter;
  • The technical data sheet, technical conditions of production - documentation that gives an idea of the technology or product;
  • GOSTs, TS or technical regulations that served as a basis for the manufacture of the goods;
  • The documentation (instructions, drawings) which is made available to the buyer;
  • A letter from the foreign buyer on how he will use the goods.

So, exporting goods to Ukraine today requires the submission of a large number of documents. The ETK company will help to understand the intricacies of the export transaction, as well as to carry out the delivery of goods.

Scheme to work with Russian companies:

You have a need to supply goods to Ukraine, but do not have the relevant experience in conducting a foreign trade transaction. In this case, the transaction can be carried out together with the ETK company. We offer a 'contract holder' service whereby all responsibilities for the execution of the export transaction fall on our company.

Scheme of work:

  • You invoice us for the goods including VAT;
  • We add the cost of our services to this invoice and reissue it to the buyer in Ukraine;
  • After agreeing the price, we buy the goods from you under a Russian contract and conclude a contract with the Ukrainian side;
  • We arrange all the necessary certificates and customs clearance of goods;
  • We carry out the delivery in accordance with the terms of the contract;
  • We exchange documents.

In this way, you can use ETK to promote your goods in the foreign trade market.

  • If it is important for a Ukrainian buyer to have your company as a direct seller, we offer an "agency support" package that includes
  • Advising at all stages of the transaction;
  • Determination of the goods' Harmonized Commodity Description (HS) for the Eurasian Economic Union;
  • Assistance with the collection of documents for the expert report and certificate;
  • Checking incoming and outgoing documents;
  • Registration of your company at the customs post;
  • Submit and issue the declaration on behalf of your company;
  • If necessary, delivery of goods to the client in Ukraine.

Scheme of work with Ukrainian companies:

If you are a Ukrainian company and you need to purchase goods from Russia, it is more profitable to make this transaction together with the company "ETK". We will buy the goods from the Russian company, prepare all the necessary documents, carry out customs clearance and deliver the goods to the agreed location.

Our company already has experience in exporting various types of goods to Ukraine, including welding equipment, scaffolding and fertilizers. ETK has established itself as a reliable supplier and can provide references from both Ukrainian and Russian companies.

In addition to customs clearance, AGAPAS-EXPORT organizes freight forwarding in the direction Russia-Ukraine-Russia.

Road haulage makes it possible to deliver goods of all sizes, from general cargo to bulky goods. If special temperature conditions are required, either refrigerators or isothermal vans are used. Dangerous goods can also be delivered by truck.

If fast delivery is required, airfreight should not take more than 2 days. However, remember that there are restrictions on a single piece of cargo - the weight must not exceed 150 kg and the height and width must be 110 cm and 170 cm respectively. Dangerous goods are forbidden for air transport.

For larger volumes of bulk or liquid goods, rail delivery is available in 3, 5, 10, 20 and 40ft containers or wagons.