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Export of goods to far and near abroad countries.

Exporting goods from A to Z.

  • Italy

    We export goods to Italy

Export of goods to Italy

ETK exports goods to Italy from any city in the Russian Federation

Most of the world's largest economies export to Italy. As one of the Top Countries, Italy represents one of the world's largest economies, well developed and systematically systematized and diversified. Exports from Russia to Italy are quite popular because Russia can provide the Italian market with cheaper, but not lower quality goods, making Russia more competitive in terms of production costs. Italy imports both industrial, energy and foodstuffs, which makes the market for goods of foreign origin in Italy very high.

Exporting goods to Italy is often quite a lucrative occupation for sales agents, as Italy has a wide client base and favorable conditions suitable for agents wishing to conduct financial relations with Italy.

Exporting products to Italy is beneficial for many European and Asian countries, because of the many advantages that the Italian market offers:

  • Huge demand for imported products;
  • A large number of consumers of exported and imported goods;
  • Quality infrastructure;
  • A large number of reputable companies for exported products;
  • High prices for producers of goods;
  • Established transport communication;
  • Sound logistics system;
  • Relatively simple method of importing products;
  • Cooperation with major international trading agents;
  • Variety of tastes and preferences of consumers.

Our company minimizes the possible documentation and certification risks that often arise when exporting products to different countries. We provide a wide range of services and work according to a well-established and proven algorithm, which is characterized by simplicity and reliability. The algorithm works as follows:

  • Registration of the client side export request;
  • Search for available suppliers of the goods;
  • Conducting a thorough and detailed check of the available suppliers;
  • Creating an appropriate contract;
  • Contacting reliable transport companies involved in the international transport of goods; Preparation of an invoice for the services rendered;
  • Preparation of an invoice for the services rendered;
  • Payment of the amount by the client;
  • Submission by Tat-Export of a set of documents required for legal sale of the products;
  • High-quality transportation.

Export of cargo to Italy.

The question of exporting to Italy and VAT often arises. Our company pays VAT on the day of shipment up to 50%.

To facilitate your trading activities, we provide you with a list of documents that you need to obtain in order to trade in Italy:

  • Foreign Trade Contract;
  • CT-1 Certificate;
  • Cargo licenses/certificates;
  • Invoice;
  • Transaction Passport;

In addition you may need the following documents:

  • Expert reports;
  • Medical certificates;
  • MEDT license.