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Export of goods to far and near abroad countries.

Exporting goods from A to Z.

  • Azerbaijan

    We export goods to Azerbaijan

Export of goods to Azerbaijan

ETK exports goods to Azerbaijan from any city in the Russian Federation.

Conducting operations related to exports to Azerbaijan requires experience in carrying out foreign economic transactions. It should be understood that when organizing exports to Azerbaijan, in addition to the basic package of documents, it is also necessary to draw up a certificate under Form СT-1.

The CT-1 certificate (certificate of origin) confirms the country of origin of the goods and exempts them from payment of duties and taxes in part or in full. This certificate is issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, of which our company is a member.

  • Features of exports to Azerbaijan:
  • Registration of CT-1 certificate;
  • Confirmation of the zero rate of VAT.

Scheme to work with Azerbaijani companies:

Your company is based in Azerbaijan and you intend to purchase goods from Russia. However, you often encounter rejections from Russian companies that do not work in the field of FEA and do not have the relevant experience. In order not to waste time in searching for a new company with a favorable commercial offer, ETK will help you to organize the deal. We will coordinate all issues with the Russian side:

  • We buy back the goods on the agreed terms;
  • We issue a certificate of origin form СT-1;
  • We carry out customs clearance;
  • We deliver to you at agreed terms (CPT, CIP, DAP, FCA, DAP, DAT).

Our company has been successfully working with Azerbaijan for many years and supplies various categories of goods, ranging from electronic equipment to foodstuffs.

Scheme to work with Russian companies:

You have a buyer in Azerbaijan and want to export goods there, but do not have the appropriate experience of foreign trade transactions. Leave the export to the ETK company, and our specialists will advise you on all issues, carry out customs clearance of the goods, and organise delivery to the buyer from anywhere in Russia.

Cargo transportation in the Russia-Azerbaijan-Russia direction is mainly carried out by road and air transport.

There are 4 road border-crossing points and 1 rail border-crossing point on the Russian-Azerbaijani border. As the Russia-Azerbaijan border runs mostly in the mountains, all border crossing points are concentrated in the 100 km section from the Caspian Sea. The main road border crossing point for both freight and passenger traffic is Yarag-Kazmalyar (Russian side) - Samur (Azerbaijani side).

Air freight is the fastest method of delivery - up to 2 days. We ship from airports in Moscow and St Petersburg. However, there are restrictions on the weight and dimensions of a single piece of freight: 150 kg, height - 110 cm, width - 170 cm.

If you need to transport oversized goods (bulk, liquid goods) or simply bulk goods over long distances, it is best to use rail transport. We can organize the transport of your goods in 3, 5, 20 or 40 tonne containers or any type of wagon.

The delivery of the goods is carried out together with the contract holder service, so you do not have to look for an additional customs representative. Therefore, we take full responsibility for export customs clearance and delivery of the goods to Azerbaijan.

The "contract holder" service

The scheme is simple for both the Russian supplier and the Azerbaijani buyer:

  • Your company invoices us for the goods with VAT;
  • After agreeing the price, we conclude a Russian contract with you and a contract with the Azerbaijani counterpart;
  • As soon as the customer sends us the money for the goods, we transfer it to you along with the VAT (up to 50%), which will be refunded;
  • We collect the goods from your warehouse, clear them through customs and deliver them to Azerbaijan;
  • We exchange the original documents.
  • By taking advantage of the 'contract holder' service, you avoid in-house inspections by the tax and customs authorities. Thus, you sell goods to a counterparty in Azerbaijan with only an invoice and a consignment note.