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Export of goods to far and near abroad countries.

Exporting goods from A to Z.

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We regularly export Russian goods, and export imported goods from Russia. Our company will undertake the whole routine of goods export clearance, not only customs clearance, but also the transportation of any type of cargo - oversized, hazardous, modular and containerized. As well as clearing your shipments through customs, we ensure they reach their final destination at the most cost-effective routes and at reasonable prices. We offer road, air, railway and sea freight services.

The advantage of working with ETK Ltd. is that we export goods on a turnkey basis using the "contract holder" service, or "under your contract" using the "transaction support" service.

By entrusting the solution of all problems and questions to the professionals of ETC Ltd., you in turn receive an excellent opportunity to sell your goods not only on the domestic, but also on foreign markets.

A "turnkey" scheme for working with Russian companies:

If you have been approached by an overseas customer with a request to sell goods that interest him, and your company for some reason cannot carry out a foreign trade transaction for the export of goods, we are ready to help you by providing you with a "turnkey" service as a "contract holder". Our company acts as an agent between you and your foreign partner. You sell your goods to our company as a Russian resident under a regular domestic contract and afterwards all procedures to export your goods abroad will be our responsibility.

Scheme to work with foreign companies:

Your organization is not a beneficiary of the Russian Federation. You find a Russian supplier of the products you need, place an order, contact this supplier, but in response you receive information that this company does not ship goods for export from Russia. The reasons may vary, from the lack of experience in exporting to the banal unwillingness of the management to export goods from Russia.

Then you have to look for another supplier to export goods from the Russian Federation. Another option is to come to Russia, in order to purchase the goods you are interested in yourself, for example, for cash payment. But all this does not give you a guarantee of purchasing exactly the goods you need and their subsequent trouble-free delivery to your warehouse outside the Russian Federation or the Customs Union.

Export Transaction - stages of execution:

  • Pre-calculate the cost of the Contract for the export of Russian goods, based on the data provided by the Client.
  • We select optimal delivery terms for export of the Russian goods, taking into account the Customer's wishes and requirements.
  • We negotiate delivery terms with the Client (Russian resident) and sign the internal Russian Sale and Purchase Agreement.
  • Signing a Foreign Trade Contract for the export of Russian goods with a foreign Customer.
  • Receive funds for the goods from the foreign Customer and transfer the amount of the cost of goods to the Supplier's account in Russia.
  • Draw up non-tariff regulation documents required when exporting goods outside the territory of Russia.
  • We arrange customs clearance for the export of Russian goods.
  • We organize the transport of goods and their insurance on the way.
  • We deliver the goods with a full package of documentation according to the delivery terms specified in the Contract.