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Export of goods to far and near abroad countries.

Exporting goods from A to Z.

  • Poland

    We export goods to Poland

Export of goods to Poland

ETK exports goods to Poland from any city in the Russian Federation.

Exporting to Poland has its own specific customs formalities. In order to successfully organize exports to Poland and further cooperation, the following conditions need to be met:

  • Registration of the certificate of origin of goods under Form "A". A certificate of origin allows Polish companies to benefit from preferential duty and tax treatment with regard to goods imported from Russia. This certificate may be issued either by the Chamber of Commerce or its authorized representatives. The time for issuing the certificate is usually 3 to 5 days.
  • Another important condition is confirmation of the zero rate of VAT. It is compulsory to apply the 0% VAT rate when exporting goods. After the transaction, you will have to fill in a tax return and submit it together with a set of documents to the tax office. A desk audit will then take place within 3 months.
  • Exporting to Poland with ETK is easy for both the Russian supplier and the Polish buyer.

If you are a Russian company:

  • You have a need to export goods to Poland, but due to your lack of experience in FEA, you do not know how to carry out such a transaction. If this is the case, ETC offers a "contract holder" service whereby our company buys the goods from you and sells them to your counterparty in Poland. We take all responsibility for the delivery of the goods and you don't have to report to the customs and tax authorities. We also deliver the goods from your warehouse to the buyer ourselves.
  • Why is it profitable to work under this scheme?
  • An ordinary Russian transaction takes place for you;
  • There is no need to deal with customs and certification services;
  • No post-transaction desk audit.

If it is important for the Polish buyer to have your company as the exporter, we have prepared for you an "agency support" package, which includes

  • Determination of the product code for the EAEU nomenclature of goods subject to foreign trade;
  • Assistance with the preparation of documents and incoming goods inspection;
  • Registration of your company at the customs office;
  • Submit and issue the declaration on behalf of your company;
  • If necessary, we will deliver the goods to the client in Poland.
  • Our experts will advise you at all stages of the export delivery to Poland.

If you are a Polish company:

You need to buy goods in Russia, but Russian companies often refuse to supply you for export or issue a certificate of origin of goods, in which case it is more profitable to carry out an export operation with the ETK company. We will redeem the goods you are interested in from a Russian company, draw up the necessary package of documents, including the "A" form certificate, and deliver the goods on the terms specified in the contract.

Scheme of work:

  • We conclude a contract with you for the supply of goods;
  • We buy out the product you are interested in from a Russian Supplier;
  • We prepare all accompanying documents;
  • We carry out customs clearance of goods;
  • We carry out delivery on the terms of the contract;

Cargo transportation and delivery of goods to Poland

Together with customs clearance, we also carry out cargo transportation in the direction of Russia-Poland-Russia.

With the exception of Kaliningrad, Russia does not share a border with Poland, so most cargo from Russia transits through Belarus.

The most common type of cargo delivery to Poland is by road transport. This type of transport is very popular due to the possibility of delivering goods requiring special temperature conditions or dangerous goods, as well as the delivery of joint and large-sized goods.

If the volume of goods is low and a quick delivery is needed, air freight can be arranged. Despite the relatively expensive cost of transport, it is possible to find a profitable option. However, the delivery of dangerous goods by air is prohibited, and there are restrictions on the weight of one piece of freight - 150 kg, and dimensions: height 110 cm and width 170 cm. All shipments are dispatched from airports in Moscow or St Petersburg.

Bulk goods, liquid goods and oversized goods are transported by rail by means of containers or wagons.