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Modern transport logistics involve the delivery of goods by air, train, ship and even motorbike. However, cars are the most popular in this field. They are capable of delivering cargo quickly and inexpensively to almost any point in Russia and neighboring countries. This type of transport has a number of specific features, which should be described in more detail.


The first thing to do is to devise a route for the car. Unlike a train or aeroplane, a car can have several dozen possible routes. The main task is to choose the best one, taking into account not only the distance, but also possible traffic jams, weather conditions and the state of the road surface. If your destination is several days away, you need to take care of overnight accommodation, refueling and meals for the drivers. By the way, in order to save time, two drivers often travel long distances at once.


Trucking involves driving on busy highways, which means there is a risk of an accident. And if a vehicle is delivering fragile items (crockery, household appliances), a minor collision is enough to damage them. Railways and air transport are safer in this sense: the number of accidents involving them is an order of magnitude lower. To ensure the safety of things in road transport, special fixing devices, wool, foam rubber and other means are used to soften the possible impact. All items are insured to offset the cost of damage in the event of damage.


The main advantage of road transport is its affordability. Air freight is several times more expensive due to high transport costs. An undeniable advantage is that the cargo can be transported directly to its destination by car. And trains, ships and planes are severely restricted by their respective transport infrastructures (rails, airports). And road coverage allows cars to travel virtually all over Russia, reaching even the remotest corners of the country.

However, the serious limitations of road transport cannot be overlooked. For instance, oversized or too heavy loads (30-40 tonnes) are usually transported by trains. The fact is that the technical and design features of vehicles do not allow this to be done. In addition, it is not possible to deliver goods to other continents by road transport alone.

To order freight transport, just call the number given on the home page of the website. A specialist will choose the best route for the vehicle and tell you about other conditions of delivery.