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    We export goods to Latvia

Export of goods to Latvia

ETK exports goods to Latvia from any city in the Russian Federation.

How to arrange exports to Latvia and what difficulties may arise in this regard? Exporting goods from Russia to Latvia involves several peculiarities of customs clearance. For a successful foreign trade transaction, it is better to contact a customs representative, who will guide you through all the necessary documents and help with their clearance.

One of the features of export to Latvia is the provision of a certificate of origin of goods "Form A". This certificate provides preferences - full or partial exemption from duties and taxes in the importing country when exporting from Russia. This certificate is granted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and its authorized agents. The time it takes to issue the certificate is 3 to 5 days.

Another peculiarity has to do with confirming the 0% VAT rate. A Russian exporter has to submit a tax declaration together with a package of documents confirming the foreign trade transaction, as well as undergo a desk tax audit.

So, independent export clearance and sending goods to Latvia requires considerable experience and knowledge in the field of foreign economic activity:

  • Correct execution of accompanying documents;
  • Up-to-date knowledge in customs clearance;
  • Ability to confirm zero rate of VAT;
  • Organization of logistics.

ETC will help you to understand all the nuances of the transaction and offers comprehensive services for the supply of goods to Latvia.

A scheme of working with Russian companies:

You are a Russian company and you have a client from Latvia who intends to buy your goods. Depending on the experience of your company, we provide two options for the transaction. The most common option is export with "contract holder" service from ETC. In this arrangement, we take care of all delivery obligations.

  • Your company invoices us for the goods;
  • We re-issue this invoice including our services to the Latvian buyer;
  • Once the price is agreed, we conclude a Russian agreement with you and a foreign trade contract with a client from Latvia;
  • Draw up all the necessary documentation, carry out customs clearance;
  • We carry out the delivery to the buyer in Latvia;
  • We exchange original documents.

Thus, a normal Russian transaction is carried out for you and, accordingly, no customs and tax formalities are required. This scheme is very convenient if your company cannot engage in foreign trade transactions on its own.

In case your company is located in Latvia and intends to purchase goods from Russia. Most likely, you have often encountered refusals from Russian suppliers to export goods due to complicated customs formalities and necessary certificates. In this case you have to either resolve all the issues yourself or look for a new supplier, which requires significant financial expenses and time. The ETK company offers to solve your problems and to settle all the issues with the Russian supplier.

The scheme of work will be simple for both you and the Russian company:

  • We conclude a contract with you for the supply of the goods you are interested in;
  • We buy it back from the Russian supplier;
  • We prepare all documents and certificates;
  • We carry out customs clearance of goods;
  • We deliver the goods on the agreed terms;

Our company has extensive experience in exporting to Latvia. We have been exporting electrical equipment for several years and are ready to provide references from our customers, both from Latvia and Russia.

Shipping and delivery of goods to Latvia

Transport of goods in the direction Russia-Latvia-Russia is carried out by all modes of transport.

Road transport is considered to be the best way to deliver the goods. There are 4 road border crossing points on the border between Russia and Latvia, related to Pskov and Sebezhsk customs. Depending on the route, the most convenient point for customs clearance of the goods and their transportation across the border is chosen. The advantage of auto-delivery is the possibility of transportation of joint and oversized cargo, delivery of goods requiring special temperature conditions, as well as dangerous goods. Road transportation is carried out from any city in Russia and is the most optimal in terms of "price-time-quality".

If fast delivery is required, we will arrange airfreight from airports in Moscow and St Petersburg. The maximum weight of one piece is 150 kg and the dimensions are: height - 110 cm and width - 170 cm. Important, dangerous goods are not allowed to be transported by air.

There is also a rail border crossing point, so oversized cargo, bulk and liquid goods can be transported in containers or wagons.