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Export of goods to China

ETK exports goods to China from any city in the Russian Federation.

Today, Russian exports are developing rapidly. And one of the most open countries for cooperation is China. Agricultural products as well as raw materials for the food and light industries are now in the greatest demand. In order to understand whether your goods are suitable for the Chinese market, you must first analyze them, and also determine their cultural peculiarities. As what may not be in demand in Russia is demanded in large quantities in China, for example, chicken feet, pig tails and ears.

Organizing an export deal to China requires a lot of preparatory work. At this stage, exporters have a lot of questions related to customs clearance and delivery of goods. In this article, we will cover the main points of exporting to China.

Drafting and concluding the contract. First, the contract must be legally correct and free from contradictions. Secondly, the document has to be drafted in two languages: Russian and English. However, the interpretation of both versions must be unambiguous.

The preparation of permits for the export of products. When classifying goods according to the CN FEA, the declarant also determines the package of documents required for customs clearance. Also, depending on the nomenclature, the Chinese partner asks for a particular document. These may include: phytosanitary certificate, declaration of conformity, general certificate of origin and others.

The VAT rate is 0%. This feature applies to any export transaction. In addition to the fact that all goods for export must be sold at a zero rate, the exporter must also confirm it and submit reports to the tax authorities.

In general terms, the export of goods can be depicted by carrying out the following actions:

  • Contracting and accompanying documents;
  • Search for a transport company and choose the method of transport;
  • Registration of the company at the customs office/customs office where the declaration will be made;
  • Payment of customs duties;
  • Completion and submission of the export declaration;

If you are inexperienced in foreign trade, the first time you should use the services of a customs representative.

Exporting goods to China with ETK

Whether you're planning a single shipment or a permanent one, we can help you organize the transaction correctly and clear the goods through customs.

The option of working with China is a full transfer of the transaction under our contract. Under this scheme, we buy back the goods from you and, on your behalf, export the goods, namely:

  • We conclude a contract with your counterparty;
  • We arrange transport, permits and other documents;
  • We arrange customs clearance and deliver the goods to the buyer.
  • We conclude with you the usual sales/purchase agreement for the immediate value of the goods.

Cargo Transportation to China

Organizing shipments to China is currently a popular destination, so you can deliver your goods in any of the possible ways. Depending on the volume of goods delivered and its specifics, our experts will select the best delivery option.

If you need to send a large consignment to the northern, eastern and north-eastern provinces of China, we offer container and wagon deliveries by rail. The advantages of this type of shipping include high load capacity and low cost for long-distance delivery.

Another option is sea container transport. Most often used when transporting bulky equipment and large consignments of raw materials and supplies. Shipments to China are possible both from Baltic Sea ports and via Vladivostok. The cost of each specific delivery is calculated individually. Freight can be delivered to the port of departure both by road and rail. In this case the use of containers will greatly facilitate loading and unloading work.

If expensive goods need to be delivered, either road or air freight can be used. The transport time will be much shorter than by sea or by rail, but at the same time the cost of delivery will increase. Road transport takes up to 18 days, and air freight with all customs procedures takes 3 to 5 days. Departures are possible from Moscow and St. Petersburg airports.

When choosing between the two options, it is worth bearing in mind that when calculating all the services in detail, air freight can be more profitable than road freight. It is important that when choosing the air freight method, a space reserve is required.