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Export of goods to far and near abroad countries.

Exporting goods from A to Z.

  • Delivery and export of goods
    Delivery and export of goods

We offer export services for goods and equipment to foreign countries.

Goods may be exported to their destination by road, rail, air or water.

Of all these methods, road transport is the most popular. The reason for this is the ease of transport. The truck provides the opportunity to deliver goods to remote destinations that cannot be reached otherwise. In addition, the right logistics when selecting the route reduces the delivery time compared to rail or water transport.

Rail transport suits only those customers for whom speed of delivery is not an important factor. The main advantage of rail transport is that it can be used for bulky goods.

The shortest time for deliveries is by air. This type of transport is optimal for valuable goods, such as antiques. A significant disadvantage of air transport is that it is expensive compared to other modes of transport.

The transport of goods by water is almost always carried out in containers. The means of transport are boats, yachts, liners and other vessels. Transporting goods by water is a complex process. It requires additional organizational measures and immense labor input from the carrier company. As a result, it is only possible to ship this way if the destination cannot be reached except by water.

Large transport companies often practice the export of equipment by a combined mode of transport. This minimizes costs when transporting large quantities of goods over very long distances.

A wide variety of goods with non-standard dimensions can be transported by road. The length of the journey is not too long. Road transport is also used extensively for deliveries within the city. Examples are delivery of goods to construction sites and locations of industrial enterprises and shopping malls. Occasionally, private vehicles are used for this purpose.

Exporting goods from the country also involves transporting goods with irregular dimensions over long distances. However, given the size of our country, it is also possible to transport goods inland. It will be done by car, if the oversized cargo cannot be delivered by other means.

Today, any company, business, factory or any other organization that runs a business or conducts business uses vehicles for its own purposes. This includes the transport of non-standard, oversized items. The export of goods and services is an area of interest for ETC. It provides services in export transport. You can find out more by calling the company.