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Export of goods to far and near abroad countries.

Exporting goods from A to Z.

  • Railway delivery
    Railway delivery

Railway delivery

The transport company Pobedit Trans is ready to organize the delivery of your cargos to almost any destination you have specified. Our specialists have formed a well-coordinated transport network, in which our partners in seaports, railway stations, transshipment bases participate. We carry out rail freight transport in Russia, CIS countries, the Baltic States and other Baltic States, South-East Asia and Europe.

It is safe to say that transporting goods by rail is the most reliable and affordable option today. Large luggage or cargo requiring extra care, all kinds of vehicles - this is an incomplete list of all kinds of things that can be sent in railcars and on platforms on the rails. Rail transport has a number of advantages over air, sea and road transport:

  • the train travels at high speed, does not need refueling, and does not get stuck in 'traffic jams';
  • if transport conditions are adhered to correctly, rail transport can guarantee almost 100 % savings in cargos;
  • weather conditions have little effect on rail transport and do not constitute an obstacle to the timely and reliable delivery of the luggage;
  • various types of wagons (platforms, containers, refrigerators, tanks, etc.) create optimal conditions for transporting any kind of cargos, and for certain oversized and unformatted cargo they are the only available transport format.
  • The last item on the list, but not the least important, is the price, which depends on the distance (the further away, the cheaper), which makes railway transport often the most profitable option.

Yet the main advantage of rail freight transport is the ability to plan and calculate the route, time and cost in detail.

It is possible to deliver a cargo from one point on the continent to another in a short period of time, provided only that the rail transport is organized by a team of professionals.

The most popular destinations:

  • Russian Federation/CIS countries - EU countries;
  • Russian Federation/PRC/ EU countries/Turkey - Central Asia;
  • Korea/PRC/Mongolia - Russian Federation, CIS countries.

The list of our services is as follows:

  • rail delivery within Russia;
  • organization of safe transportation of dangerous goods;
  • transportation of oversized, heavy luggage;
  • transportation of cargo requiring special transportation conditions;
  • implementation of transit flights;
  • transportation of excise duty cargos;
  • Coordination of dispatching, forwarding and receiving of cargo at railway stations;
  • informing about transshipment and overcoming border and customs clearance;
  • provision of different types of wagons, platforms and containers for carriage;
  • provision of rail transport services in Sakha-Yakutia, an agreement with the railway of the Yamal Peninsula;