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Export of goods to far and near abroad countries.

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  • Georgia

    We export goods to Georgia

Export of goods to Georgia

ETK exports goods to Georgia from any city in the Russian Federation.

Georgia is one of Russia's traditional foreign economic partners, and even some political nuances cannot radically affect this. Consumption in the local market is growing, which is why the volume of freight traffic to the country is also increasing.

Scheme of work with Georgian companies

In case you have any problems with Russian suppliers for delivery of goods: they do not work for export, do not carry out customs clearance themselves, the company "ETK" is ready to help in carrying out foreign economic transaction. In order not to search for new suppliers in Russia and not to incur additional expenses, we will buy out the goods you are interested in and already from our company will deliver them to you.

Why it is profitable to work with us?

  • We have been working with Georgian companies for several years and have established ourselves as a reliable Supplier;
  • We execute all the necessary documentation;
  • We do customs processing;
  • We organize the delivery of your shipment to you.

ETC works on a permanent basis with many Georgian companies and supplies such goods as spare parts for various purposes, industrial equipment, electronic equipment, etc.

Scheme of work with Russian companies

If you are a Russian company and intend to export goods to Georgia, but you do not have appropriate experience for foreign trade transaction, the company "AGAPAS-EXPORT" will help to carry out export of goods from Russia, we will not only customs clearance your shipment, but also deliver it directly to the buyer in Georgia.

Depending on your foreign trade experience, you can either arrange the export yourself using the brokerage service of AGAPAS-EXPORT or outsource the entire foreign trade transaction. Our specialists will find the best option for supplying your goods to Georgia.

The "contract holder" service

ETK can help with the export of goods to Georgia. We offer a 'contract holder' service package. Under this scheme we export goods to Georgia on your behalf and on our own behalf. You can make use of the 'contract holder' service to avoid in-house inspections by the tax and customs services.

The working scheme is simple for both the Russian supplier and the Georgian buyer.

  • Your company invoices us for the goods with VAT;
  • We add the cost of our services to the value of the goods and re-bill them to the Georgian company;
  • After agreeing the price, we conclude a Russian contract with you and a contract with a Georgian contractor;
  • As soon as the customer transfers the money for the goods to us, we transfer it to you;
  • We pick up the goods from your warehouse, clear them through customs and deliver them to Georgia;
  • We exchange the original documents.

 The delivery of the goods is carried out together with the contract holder service, so you do not have to look for an additional customs representative. Thus, we take full responsibility for the customs clearance of exports to Georgia.