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Export of goods to far and near abroad countries.

Exporting goods from A to Z.

  • Export of trucks.
    Export of trucks.

Export of trucks.

Trucks of all types and special vehicles represent a rather broad and in-demand product category in foreign markets, which is why exporting them abroad attracts many exporters from Russia. However, this market segment is characterized by a number of specific procedures and regulations and therefore, qualified assistance comes to the fore. And this assistance is available to all those wishing to export heavy goods vehicles and other similar equipment by the company "ETK" Ltd, which for many years has proved itself as a highly professional consultant in the market of export supplies from Russia.

Export of trucks.

These vehicles, designed for the transport of goods in a body or on a load platform, comprise different types of vehicles, including:heavy goods vehicles;

  • high-sided vehicles;
  • vans;
  • wheeled or tracked vehicles;
  • dumper trucks;
  • refrigerated trucks;
  • lumber trucks; etc.

In addition to the Commonwealth, Egypt, Cuba, Vietnam and Ethiopia have registered the highest volume of deliveries in recent years. But other regions, in particular the Middle and Far East, are also very promising in terms of being able to export trucks there.

Export of special machinery

  • All special equipment exported from Russia is divided into four basic categories:
  • construction (dump trucks, graders, rollers, bulldozers, etc.);
  • agricultural (mowers, combines, tractors, threshers, etc.);
  • automotive (cisterns, watering vehicles, snow removal equipment, all types of municipal special vehicles, etc.);
  • lifting equipment (excavators, truck-mounted derricks, mobile cranes, manipulators, etc.).

Tat Export organizes the export of special machinery from Russia and also assists in finding potential buyers abroad.

Customs processing for the export of a truck

In order to send a vehicle abroad, the following documents must be submitted to the customs office:

  • the passport of the truck (special equipment);
  • The shipper's passport details (with a copy of the passport if the sender is a natural person)
  • constitutional documents of a legal entity;
  • contract of sale of vehicles;
  • an agreement with a customs broker (Tat-Export also acts in this capacity).

We ensure that the vehicle customs clearance procedure is completed by handing over to the consignor the documents required for border crossing, namely the completed export declaration; the export declaration; the customs declaration:

  • The completed export declaration;
  • The consignment note;
  • Invoice;
  • Contract;
  • Certificate of origin of the vehicle.

The cost of our services does not depend on the age of the vehicles to be exported, the payload, the engine capacity, the type of fuel used (diesel, petrol).

There are also some nuances of special vehicles customs clearance. Thus, it can be transported by trucks and car transporters. In addition, at the conclusion of a contract with a foreign individual for the delivery of a heavy truck or other means, the customs authorities may require that the contract is drawn up in the name of the legal person. In this regard, we can help our clients to get out of a tricky situation.

Some advantages of exporting trucks and special vehicles from Russia

They are driven by various factors, and the main ones are as follows:

  • the high exchange rate of the foreign currency against the ruble, which makes the purchase of Russian special equipment more economically attractive;
  • buyers from the CIS countries are familiar with all Russian special-purpose vehicles;
  • When exporting equipment from Russia, the customs authorities do not stamp the vehicle's passport;
  • A wide range of vehicles offered for delivery abroad, etc.
  • Как целесообразнее организовать экспорт
  • How best to organize exports.

How best to organize exports.

In this respect, it is better to entrust the organization of exports and the delivery itself to professionals who have been doing this for many years. And ETC Ltd. is the partner you can and should trust, because many years of work in the export market and an impeccable reputation speak for themselves.

We work with all categories of clients, we have no secrets in markets supplied with Russian-made special equipment, which is why we offer long-term cooperation on favorable terms to everyone who wishes to do so. The quality of our services is guaranteed by the fact that all our customers have become our partners over time. And that speaks for itself!