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  • Angola

    We export goods to Angola

Export of goods to Angola

ETK exports goods to Angola from any city in the Russian Federation.

Angola is located in south-west Africa and shares borders with Zambia, the Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) and Namibia. The country's territory is made up of 18 provinces. The western coast of Angola is washed by the Atlantic Ocean.

The country imports more than it exports. The category of main cargoes that are in demand and popular include:

  • Various electrical appliances;
  • Medical and technical equipment;
  • Paper;
  • Chemicals of inorganic origin;
  • Measuring instruments and optics;
  • Measuring instruments and optics;
  • Fertiliser;
  • Diamonds and expensive metals;
  • Products made of steel;
  • Machinery for the mining industry.

If your company produces one of the above types of goods or has something interesting to offer Angolan importers, then you need to learn more about exporting goods to Angola. Our company provides professional support for the entire procedure and is ready to save you the hassle. We also provide advice for anyone interested in this matter.

Scheme of work for exports from Russia to Angola:

Exporting from Russia to Angola requires documentation. Lack of some kind of deed can be a serious problem at customs.

All you'll need:

  • Foreign trade contract;
  • Cargo documents (licences, certificates);
  • Written confirmation of the payment of VAT;
  • Invoice;
  • Transaction passport;
  • Additional written evidence of compliance with quality standards.

Cooperating with us is easy, just send an enquiry and we will respond with a proposal. We start working as soon as a contract is signed, on mutually beneficial terms. Exporting your cargo to Angola is no longer your task, but ours.

  • We buy goods from you;
  • We draw up all the necessary documents;
  • We guide the cargo through customs;
  • We sell to a buyer from Angola;
  • We provide VAT refunds.

These are the main stages of our work. You can find out all the details over the phone. We save you time and allow you to earn money. You forget about the risks and run your normal business, without having to spend time and energy on FEA.

Our company works in the field of export transactions. The main objective is to enable you to avoid unnecessary costs in exporting your products to Angola. For you as a company, it saves time and eliminates risk.

The pros of engaging with us:

  • Experience and a high level of professionalism;
  • Employees with qualifications;
  • Responsibility and guarantees;
  • Saving money and time;
  • Putting the client's interests first;
  • Eliminate risk;
  • We work according to proven schemes.

Our objective is to provide favorable conditions for the shipment of goods and products across the border. India is a promising partner for business development. Trust us to do business with it and ensure a steady increase in profits for your organization.