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    Export of cars

    Russian car exports

Russian car exports

Despite the fact that many people have an unjustifiably negative attitude towards domestic cars, the Russian car industry continues its work by producing cars that are in demand abroad. Because of this, exporting such vehicles abroad is quite attractive.

But sending cars overseas is not easy, as you have to follow all the customs procedures accurately, transport the car or batch of products to the destination country and hand the car over to the recipient. Without sufficient knowledge of customs declarations and experience in shipping goods overseas, it is difficult to cope with such a task.

ETK Ltd provides qualified services in the export of goods of various groups and categories. Experienced consultants will help you to quickly and smoothly implement the entire range of customs procedures for organizing the export of cars abroad.

Customs clearance for vehicle exports - basic rules

In order to leave the country, the vehicle must be "customs cleared", for which the exporter must provide the following documents

  • A natural person - copy of passport or identity card;
  • A legal entity - the statutory documents;
  • Contract for the delivery of the vehicle;
  • Technical documentation.

In addition, it is necessary to conclude a contract with a customs broker. ETK Ltd, with the appropriate status, handles vehicle exports with authorized organizations. The exporter receives the package of documents required to move the cargo across the border, including consignment notes, invoices, agreed export declarations and delivery contracts. The documents also include a certificate confirming the origin of the vehicle.

The company's fees are fixed and do not depend on the age of the vehicle being exported, its tonnage and engine capacity, or the fuel used.

Russian car exports

The main reason for choosing Russian cars is often their relatively low cost. This is determined by the volatility of the ruble and the very favorable exchange rate of the Russian ruble against currencies. It is quite likely that the procedure for exporting a car in foreign currency will be considerably lower than planned.

In addition, many countries, including those in the Commonwealth, have introduced age limits for imported vehicles. In some countries it is 5, in others 7 years old. That is why new Russian cars that are being looked upon by potential buyers are of the same price as a foreign car that is 5-7 years old. It is not difficult to take a car out of Russia because of the ease of customs clearance.

In many post-Soviet countries, Russian-made passenger cars are well known, and people in Latin America note the excellent off-road capability of the Niva. The number of vehicles exported from Russia is mixed, indicating that demand for such vehicles is fairly stable.

Advantages of ETC Ltd

The company has been involved in exports for more than two decades, and has extensive experience of working with a variety of clients. The company's specialists have successfully handled the paperwork for the delivery of cars to CIS countries and far away regions. The presence of the company's representatives in many countries contributes to fast and high-quality clearance of vehicles and other cargo imported from Russia.

Customers can be assured that the processing and approval of documentation will go smoothly, because the company not only concludes contracts for the removal, but also performs the full range of activities, including the passage of cargo through the customs border, loading, unloading and delivery of the car to the consumer.

The company can ship vehicles by road, rail, sea or river. If necessary, the company carries out combined transport, during which vehicles are reloaded from one type of vehicle to another.