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Export of goods to far and near abroad countries.

Exporting goods from A to Z.

  • Mongolia

    We export goods to Mongolia

Export of goods to Mongolia

ETK exports goods to Mongolia from any city in the Russian Federation.

Customs representatives help to simplify the export procedure from Russia to Mongolia. It is no secret that the broker network is represented by both "grey" and "black" agents. The latter are characterized by low prices and, as a consequence, failure to fulfill their obligations and disruption of deliveries.

In order to avoid financial losses and confiscation of goods, preserve your business reputation and create conditions for long-term cooperation with your contractors, you should contact ETC.

  • Guaranteed export VAT refund to Mongolia.
  • Lack of in-house verification.
  • Qualified calculation of payments.
  • Full documentation of customs area.
  • Electronic filing of declaration.
  • Registration and correct selection of goods code according to Harmonized Commodity Nomenclature.
  • Control of security of cargo in bonded warehouses.
  • Consultation and assistance in solution of disputable questions.
  • Compromise pricing.

Foreign trade activities require a package of documents that differs significantly from the list of documentation for domestic use.

  • List of documents required to export goods to Mongolia
  • Required licenses and relevant certificates.
  • Constituent documents.
  • Passport of the transaction.
  • Invoice.
  • Foreign trade contracts.
  • Package of accompanying documents.
  • In addition, in some cases, in order to export from Russia to Mongolia it is necessary to provide:
  • Permits from the FSB, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Defense, FALPIP and other agencies.
  • Export license from the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia
  • Veterinary and sanitary certificates.
  • Expert reports.

Ignorance of the basics and omission of details can lead to penalties, loss of VAT refunds, missed delivery deadlines and material as well as moral costs.

By contacting a competent broker, represented by ETK, you are guaranteed against unforeseen losses, which many suppliers include in the cost of goods and thus become uncompetitive.

Step-by-step instructions for exporting to Mongolia:

  • Send us an enquiry.
  • We negotiate the details and conclude a contract.
  • We buy the goods from you.
  • We prepare your documents.
  • We sell your goods to the counterpart on our behalf.
  • We return the export VAT.

Documents vary, depending on the products to be exported. By concluding a contract with the company "ETK" you

  • Avoid contacts with tax inspectors, customs, banks and transporters;
  • You do not have to worry about the risk of non-return of VAT;
  • You will be supplied with new markets;
  • Reliable export of products from Russia to Mongolia.
  •  The company's managers will plan a profitable shipping route and accompany your cargo, taking full responsibility for its safety. To avoid penalties, the clearance and delivery of products is always carried out strictly in accordance with deadlines.