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Export of goods to far and near abroad countries.

Exporting goods from A to Z.

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    We export goods to Israel

Exporting goods to Israel

ETK exports goods to Israel from any city in the Russian Federation.

Israel is one of the most developed countries in the Middle East. The small size of the country is combined with a developed economy. The way goods are transported is by air and water.  The country imports many raw materials for its manufacturing needs due to its developed industrial sector.

Exporting goods to Israel

A team of experienced staff will help with the export of goods to Israel. We are familiar with the specifics of trade and carry out logistics operations between Israel and Russia on favourable terms for you.

We provide the following services:

  • Warehousing and dispatch of goods;
  • Handling of certificates, insurance and other documents;
  • Security inspections and expertise;
  • Conducting "turn-key" check-ins;
  • Consolidation of cargo;
  • Auditing of foreign trade activities;
  • Logistics;
  • Qualified consultations.

We take the specifics of trade into account when shipping to Tel Aviv or another city. All operations are carried out in accordance with international regulations and agreements between countries. The order of cooperation with us includes the following steps:

  • Sending a request;
  • Harmonization of details and signing of the contract;
  • Concluding a purchase transaction by us;
  • Preparation of documents;
  • Sale to a foreign buyer;
  • VAT refund procedure.

All documents for the goods must be prepared in advance. This includes:

  • Country of origin certificate;
  • Licenses;
  • Consignment notes, etc.

There are several ways of processing. One of the options is to use a foreign trade contract. We can help you with certificates, certificates, licences and permits. We guarantee correct and speedy processing of documentation. Problems such as seizure of goods and refusals from customers are completely excluded. "ETC solves all issues with customs and tax authorities, saving you from unnecessary troubles.

Features of exports to Israel from Russia and VAT

The submission of correctly completed documentation on time is followed by a desk audit. If there are no grounds for refusal, a 20% VAT refund will follow. The process is painstaking and complex, and if you do it incorrectly, it may be refused.

Every detail counts, which is why it is so important to get it right. Export from Russia to Israel can become even more profitable for you if you entrust us with this work. Having our own fleet of vehicles eliminates unnecessary costs and makes the service profitable.

Export of cargo to Israel requires the collection of a full package of documents. We will simplify the collection and completion.

In total, you will need:

  • Certificates and licenses for the cargo;
  • Foreign trade contract;
  • Invoice;
  • Transaction certificate;
  • CT-1 certificate.

The list is extended for some HFOs to include additional expert opinions and certificates (sanitary, phytosanitary). A MEDT license may also be required.

The ETK company will advise on all matters and carry out everything in the shortest possible time. Trusting us to export your products to Israel, you gain time, time and substantially save money. Our advantages:

  • Rapid resolution of issues with tax and customs;
  • A professional approach to all questions;
  • Responsiveness and timeliness;
  • Guarantee of results;
  • Resolution of issues of any complexity;
  • Prompt return of the VAT;
  • Avoidance of in-house inspections;
  • Knowledge of exports from Russia to Israel.

The company's managers will plan a profitable shipping route and accompany your cargo, taking full responsibility for its safety. To avoid penalties, the clearance and delivery of products is always carried out strictly in accordance with deadlines.