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Export of goods to far and near abroad countries.

Exporting goods from A to Z.

  • Transaction support
    Transaction support

Transaction support

A scheme of working with Russian companies with "transaction support" service:

If your company decides to export goods on its own behalf, we can take care of all your export transactions, from the first step all the way through to the VAT refund. Our staff will prepare all the necessary documentation for customs and we will prepare the special certificate of origin required for the export transaction. In addition, we can draw up the foreign trade contract, the binding appendix thereto, and open the export transaction passport. In addition, you can receive timely and up-to-date advice on all matters relating to exports abroad from our staff. We can also confirm the actual export and export of goods abroad so that you can receive a VAT refund in the future.

Export Transaction - stages of execution:

  • Pre-calculate the cost of the Contract for the export of Russian goods, based on the data provided by the Client.
  • We select optimal delivery terms for export of the Russian goods, taking into account the Customer's wishes and requirements.
  • We negotiate delivery terms with the Client (Russian resident) and sign the internal Russian Sale and Purchase Agreement.
  • Signing a Foreign Trade Contract for the export of Russian goods with a foreign Customer.
  • Receive funds for the goods from the foreign Customer and transfer the amount of the cost of goods to the Supplier's account in Russia.
  • Draw up non-tariff regulation documents required when exporting goods outside the territory of Russia.
  • We arrange customs clearance for the export of Russian goods.
  • We organize the transport of goods and their insurance on the way.
  • We deliver the goods with a full package of documentation according to the delivery terms specified in the Contract.